River Cruise Review

Before visiting Russia think of travelling around it on board of a ship during one of the cruises that we are happy to offer you. There is no better way to experience the beauty of Russia than to go on a voyage along its iconic waterways.

Once unpacked in your stateroom you won’t need to worry about planning your trip, just enjoy the ease of travelling by ship. While you are on board, gliding down the river and watching the constantly changing scenery you will be able to participate in social events or just spend more time with your family and friends.

Travelling by ship now is getting more popular because it is the only way to explore smaller towns and tiny villages and enjoy your stress-free voyage in a relaxed environment. The perspective of Russia’s ancient towns will help you to test the power of your camera or just contemplate it while you will be getting closer. Port excursion will be the best option to explore the unique culture and history of each place. Every town or a village has its main attraction and you won’t miss a chance to visit it. Stepping right off the dock travelers get to the historic city center without even taking a bus, staying among the local people in a more culturally authentic atmosphere.

After your excursion ends you’ll go back on board where you will be able to learn some Russian words being on an interesting lesson or explore Russian history during a brief lecture. Getting to know a country does also involve trying its traditional dishes. The chefs onboard will prepare the most popular Russian cuisine specialties made with locally sourced products.

Explore peacefully the beautiful views of Russian old towns and tiny settlements along the shoreline feeling safe and relaxed with a high level of service that our staff provide.

Bon voyage!