Available Services


Volga Cruise is a trip deep into Russian cuisine, which is famed for its health benefits. We prepare our dishes onboard with fresh ingredients.

Have you ever heard of Borsch and famous Russian pirogki, now you will have a chance to taste them during the cruise. Enjoy a picnic in a traditional Russian style during the green stop in a picturesque harbor where you will be able to combine delight for your eyes and stomach.

And of course don’t miss the highlight of the cruise Captain’s Farewell Dinner. Each time the chef does his best to surprise everyone and make the evening very special.

During all cruises we would like to offer:

• Welcome Dinner with glass of champagne

• 1 Picnic lunch (barbecue, wine) instead of lunch onboard

• Farewell Dinner aboard with 1 glass of champagne


Our ship cabins are clean, comfortable and spacious. We service your cabin twice daily, providing you with fresh towels if you need them, bathroom for amenities…at night we turn down your bed. Everything is done to make you feel pampered, at home and relaxed. Your cabin is a place where you can lounge and relax, enjoy a delicious room service meal…We have designed our ship cabins as the ideal personal space, cozy and convenient, where you’ll always find a hot shower and comfortable bed. Our housekeeping staff is always available to make sure you have everything you need.

•Laundry Service (standard, express and laundry promotions, extra charge)

•Room Service

•Soaps and Shampoos

•AC (with remote control), Hair Dryers, Radio, Safe (extra charge), TV

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all interior spaces on our cruise ships. You may smoke in any open space onboard.

Please note these provisions may differ from ship to ship and depending on cabin category. Most services provided to your cabin are free of charge, but there may be some services for which we charge; please consult your cabin catalogue for detailed charges and other information.

Services on board include:

• Porterage of luggage

• Transfers upon arrival/departure (for groups of 20 pax minimum; individual transfers for less shall be paid additionally)

• One English/German/French/Spanish speaking guide onboard throughout the itinerary for each group of 20 - 40 pax. Guides with other languages are provided for extra charge

• Two receptionists speaking European languages (English/German/French)

• Office onboard (computer, printer, Xerox, stationery)

Amusement Program

Through the several creative and educational activities in which you can participate at any moment on board, the fun continues unabated and in the various events we hold. Let us lure you from your everyday life and let yourself do whatever you feel like. Relax with a good book on a deck and meditate to the sound of gently splashing waves. Take part in all the excursions and breathe in the history and the atmosphere of ancient towns. Be an active member of all entertainment events and enjoy an evening concert with a glass of wine. Be sure on our cruises you will always find an amusement after your own heart.

· Entertainment program onboard (games, competitions, films, etc.)

· Russian language lessons, Russian song lessons

· Live music in the bar every evening

· Tour of Captain's bridge

· 1 lecture on Russian History

· Three concerts, including one concert of folklore music

· Excursion program in Moscow and St.Petersburg on buses equipped with an air conditioner. A bus shall be provided to a group of 20 pax minimum.

· Excursion program in each point of itinerary