Step by Step

If you have already booked your cruise we are glad to offer you an easy guide to help you structure all the steps to make your trip even more wonderful.

Step №1 Make sure that your passport is up to date!

If your passport expires less than in 6 month after the end of the trip, you must renew it. Only valid passports can guarantee that you will obtain a visa.

Step №2 Don’t forget about your health insurance

We recommend you to purchase health insurance before you go on trip. It will be required to obtain a visa.

Step №3 Complete your guest information form

Please, complete a Guest Information Form for each passenger while booking. This information is necessary to make travel documents for you.

Step №4 Apply for a visa

If you are planning your travel to Russia don’t forget about the visa. For obtaining the visa you’ll need the invitation and voucher from the receiving company with all the information about your cruise program. Visas can be obtained through third agencies upon request.

Step №5 If you’d like to make payments online

You can make payments online for the cruise you have chosen. Please click here to get information about payments procedure.

Step №6 Frequently Asked Questions

Please click F.A.Q. in order to get more additional information about destination’s weather and many others interesting tips.

Step №7 Check you travel documents very carefully

Please review all documents carefully and make sure everything is in good order. We also recommend you to check the departure date.

Step №8 Bon voyage!

We are looking forward to welcome you on board one of our ships. Enjoy your river cruise and we will do our best to make your trip fabulous!