Shore Excursions

Choose your own programme of shore excursions. Enjoy the full attention of your guide. A cruise vacation allows you to visit many fascinating destinations while only having to unpack and pack your bags once. Wake each morning with a new exciting port of call at your doorstep, where you can partake in one of our expert guided cruise shore excursions. We hire the top local guides in every location. We’re confident that you’ll find no more intensive and immersive introduction to the culture and heritage of the region you’re visiting. Here is a list of the shore excursions we would like to offer during your cruise.


The incomparable Armory Museum, the richest museum of Moscow and the oldest in the Kremlin, showcases a marvelous display of jewelry, royal regalia and other valuables acquired by the Russian aristocracy, such as ecclesiastical vestments, thrones, equestrian gear, furniture, tableware, and works of Russian, European and Oriental master craftsmen. Inside the Armory see the priceless collection of imperial treasures, including an extraordinary assembly of imperial carriages and the renowned Faberge Easter eggs, the unforgettable masterpiece of jewelry. A guided tour of 1 hour and 15 minutes for a group of minimum 20 people is combined with tour to Kremlin (before or after). Bus transfer is included.


The grandiose project of night illuminating of the most significant sights of Russian capital was carried out. Night views of Moscow and its major highlights strike an observer with stunning images. During the excursion you will have a chance to see the brightly shining Kremlin stars, the beautifully illuminated Red square, glowing domes of the cathedrals, the gleaming monument to Peter the Great and the fairy-like panorama of Moscow from the observation ground on Sparrow Hills. Quite a spectacular to enjoy! A guided bus tour of about 3 hours for a group of minimum 20 people.


The Moscow metro is not the oldest in the world but the architectural style and fascinating design of many stations deserved the name of the "Underground Palace". Do not hesitate to take a guided tour to the most beautiful and amazing stations of the underground museum» of Moscow. You will also have a chance to feel yourself a «real Muscovites as it the most popular transport facility in the city. Arbat is a picturesque little quarter in the very heart of the city. Stroll the ancient pedestrian-only street, this open air-fair famous for its souvenir shops, stores, cozy cafes and comfortable restaurants. Street musicians and pavement artists frequent the street. A tour of about 2,5 hours for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included.


The circus has always held a very special place in the artistic life of Moscow and has become one of Russia's most beloved national art forms. The circus tradition developed quickly in Moscow and today the Russian capital boasts two main circuses, the Old and original Circus on the Tsvetnoy Boulevard, now renamed "Yury Nikulin Circus", and the New Moscow State Circus on the Vernadsky Prospect. Russian circus artists are famous world-wide touring foreign countries and impressing the audience with amazing skills and unsurpassed techniques. The circus features clown acts, an excellent range of acrobatic and gymnastic acts, and performances featuring bears horses, monkeys and dogs. Feel yourself in the world of magic and enjoy the breathtaking performance, showing acrobats funny clowns and smart animals on the arena. A tour is for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included.

(country residence of Russian tsars)

Museum Reserve "Kolomenskoe" is located about 10 kilometers southeast of the Kremlin in Moscow. This estate served as a country residence for the Russian Tsars from Ivan III to Peter I. The most famous building on the estate is the early 16th century Church of the Ascension, one of the tallest church buildings in Moscow. A fantastic wooden summer palace at Kolomenskoe, built in 1666 to the request of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, was dubbed the eighth wonder of the world. The main constituent museums are the Front Gate, Sytnyi Dvor (the Muscovite royal household with art tiles and tiled ovens) and the House of Peter I.The museum territory covers an area of about 390 hectares and is beautifully set in a natural park full of ancient trees. Feel the fresh air of countryside, contemplate the beautiful scenery and enjoy the serene and restful atmosphere of this lovely place. The excursion includes the visit of the territory and two buildings. A guided tour is for group of minimum 20 people, bus transfers included.


Situated about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north from Moscow, the town was founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh in 1340. Its architecture spans several centuries. There are nine churches in all. From the beginning the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra was to become the monastery of monasteries. It was recognized by the church as being the foremost Russian monastery from 1561 onwards. Yet it is possible to express in words neither the glory nor the faith of the numberless pilgrims who over the centuries, often after having traveled improbable distances, came to kneel and (meditate) in the Church of the Trinity or the Cathedral of Dormition of this monastery. Their favor reflects a faith which has to be shared before the profound significance of the monastery and the spirituality which emanates from it. The restoration works have been underway since 2013 and in 2014 Russian Vatican will be able to astonish with its exceptional and enchanting beauty. A guided tour is for group of minimum 20 people, bus transfers included. The State Tretyakov Gallery The State Tretyakov Gallery is the national treasury of Russian fine art and one of the greatest museums in the world. It is located in one of the oldest districts of Moscow - Zamoskvorechye, not far from the Kremlin. Works exhibited in the gallery embrace a long period of paintings spanning from Russian and Byzantine icons of the 12th century to examples of Russian avant-garde of the 1920s. The collection contains more than 130000 works of painting, sculpture and graphics, created throughout the centuries by successive generations of Russian artists. Its only rival is the Russian museum in St. Petersburg. A tour is for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included.


For the first time in Moscow National Ballet of Russia presents folk program that doesn't have any analogues in Russia as far as artistic production and staging mastery are concerned - National Russian Show, which takes place in the concert hall of the hotel "Cosmos". During almost two hours you will become the witness of the grandiose show, combining music, drama and dance, luxurious sets and costumes decorated with pearls, silver and beads (there are 17 costume changes!), video-projection and laser animation, uniting Russian folk dance with its modern stylization. A tour is for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included.


This museum, the only one of its kind, situated inside an enormous monument to the explorers of the cosmos, is well worth the visit, not least for the nostalgia it should inspire in anyone who grew up in the heady days of the space race. The displays trace the history of space exploration, including the first interplanetary satellite flights, the first dogs in space and man's journeys to the cosmos. There's plenty of fun gadgetry, plus an excellently conceived display explaining how astronauts survive a space flight. Apart from anything else, the shear aesthetic beauty of the displays should impress. The otherwordly sheen of the hi-tech materials used to construct space craft is extraordinary when seen close-up and, combined with a host of cosmos-themed artwork, the exhibition is a compelling reminder of the time when space exploration was still viewed unequivocally as mankind's last great adventure.


In this «Venice of the North» one might expect to see many riverside sights. After you step on board a boat you will see the city in a different way. St. Petersburg was designed to have the mighty Neva river as its “main street”, so many beautiful buildings and squares face the river and some riverside views are truly breathtaking. A comfortable two-deck boat will take you down the river to St. Isaac's Cathedral, the «Bronze Horseman». Menshikov Palace and the University and enjoy other great architectural wonders of this marvelous city built on the banks of its numerous rivers and canals. A tour is for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included. Duration of the excursion: 1h-1h 15min depending on the traffic on canals, transfer from the ship and back – 2h.


Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) located 29 km to the south of St. Petersburg was built as a summer residence for Peter the Great and his wife Catherine I. The Catherine's Palace in Tsarskoye Selo was the favorite summer residence of great women in the Russian throne - Catherine I, Elizabeth, Catherine II. Catherine's Palace is one of the finest examples of Russian Baroque architecture, with its azure facades over 300 meters long with golden ornamentation, pilasters, and sculptures. Renowned for distinguished collections of applied art and painting, unique collection of porcelain and arms the palace houses the best world known attractions - Amber Room, reconstructed a few years ago. Duration of the excursion: 1h 30min-2h, transfer from the ship and back – 2h.


Explore Peterhoff, summer residence of Peter the Great, designed to the request of the emperor to rival Versailles with its 300-acre parks on the shore of the Finish Gulf, spectacular fountains and the Grand Palace, crowning the hill above the fountains and about 20 smaller Palaces and pavilions which represent “Russian Versailles” now. Enjoy picturesque Lower Gardens with three unique cascades and dozens of powerful water jets; take a deep breath looking at the centre of the composition, the Grand Palace and Grand Cascade, including staircases, waterfalls, an avenue of 64 fountains and 37 gilded statues. Have a guided tour of the Grand Palace, one of the most spectacular Russian palaces, representing architectural styles of the 18th - 19th centuries: modest Baroque, elegant Catherine's Classicism and exotic oriental style. This stunning architectural complex is a real symbolic sight of the Northern Capital. A tour is for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included. Duration of the excursion Peterhof Nizhny Park: 1h 30min-2h, transfer from the ship and back – 2h.


Founded in 1703, the Peter and Paul Fortress protected the newly-born city of St. Petersburg from the Swedes. It later was turned into a political prison in which many notables such as Dostoyevsky, Gorky, Trotsky and Lenin's older brother Alexandre were kept. The Peter and Paul's Cathedral is the oldest stone building in St. Petersburg - the city marks its birthday by the day when the cathedral's construction began. Designed by the Italian architect Trezzini, the Peter and Paul's Cathedral is a burial place of all Russian emperors and empresses from Peter I to Nicholas II. A tour is for a group of minimum 20 people. Bus transfer is included. Duration of the excursion: 45min (during city tour)-1h (separately), transfer from the ship and back – 2h.


Professional folklore groups well-known in many countries of the world give dynamic and spectacular performance against the background of magnificent interior. The number of people performing is up to 50 members including dancers, singers and musicians. They will introduce you to treasure of national Russian art and Russian cultural traditions. You will hear popular folk songs: «Katyusha», «Kalinka» and many others. The dancing group will whirl you in the circle of Russian folk dances of different genres and various regions of Russia. You will dip into unforgettable and mysterious atmosphere of Russian holiday. Duration of the excursion: 1h 45min, transfer from the ship and back – 1h 30min.


The ballet is one of the beautiful performances you can see. In summer the theaters welcome ballet companies known all over the world, as they deliver splendid performances of such famous and popular ballets as "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky and "Gizele" by Adolf Adam. Duration of the excursion: 2h 30min (“Swan Lake”), 2h (“Gizele”), transfer from the ship and back – 1h 30min.