What luggage is allowed?
Your baggage can be a suitcase with a size not more than 76*53*28 cm and 20 kg. Please check recommendations of your airlines.

Luggage safety
Try no to pack and valuable things in your suitcase and check in only your personal luggage (don't take any belongings from unknown people). You can also use a locker for better safety.

If your luggage is lost.
Write your contact and flights details, name on the attached label to the suitcase.

What kind of clothes to pack?
• Sports clothes
• Casual clothes for cooler evenings and nights
• Swimwear
• Comfortable shoes
• Sunglasses and hat
• For women: dress or skirt

Reminder: what else to pack?

Don't forget to pack with you:
• Airline tickets and passport
• Insurance and itinerary
• Local currency and credit/debit cards
• Mobile phone charger, adaptor plugs
• Personal medication and prescriptions, extra glasses/contacts and prescriptions
• Raincoat or umbrella
• Travel alarm clock, earplugs and sleep mask